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Today's Lunch
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Organic Frittata w/ Salad

by Mission Heirloom

Organic Frittata w/ Salad

  • 100% organic frittata made with eggs, potatoes, cauliflower and carrots. Served with leafy greens, edible flowers, and carrot orange dressing. 

  • Frittata: Eggs*, Potatoes*, Cauliflower*, Carrots*, Sea Salt
    Salad: Mixed Greens*, Edible Flowers*
    Dressing: Carrot*, Orange*, Olive Oil, House Pickles Kvass, Sea Salt
  • This dish arrives chilled. To reheat, remove the plastic lid and heat in the oven for 15-18 minutes at 350 degrees.

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GF low carb paleo
3-Piece Fried Chicken
Three free range boneless fried chicken thighs over a raw fennel and cherry tomato salad.

$ 14.95
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GF paleo
6-Piece Fried Chicken
Free range chicken thighs and drumsticks, battered in coconut milk and almond flour, cooked to crispy perfection in sustainably-sourced palm oil.

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6-Piece Honey Mustard Drumsticks
Sweet and tangy oven roasted free range chicken drumsticks, glazed with honey mustard sauce.

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AIP GF nut free paleo
Adobo Braised Chicken Thigh
A Filipino classic of tangy and aromatic braised chicken thigh served with sauteed bok choy and sliced carrots simmered in ginger.

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paleo (contains dairy)
Bacon and Chive Pizza
Applewood smoked bacon, goat cheese, and organic chives atop an almond-flour paleo pizza crust.

$ 16.95

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paleo (contains dairy)
Bacon Mac and Cheese
Paleo gnocchi and cauliflower florets tossed with an organic cheese sauce and topped with bacon and scallions.

$ 13.95

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Entree - Bacon-Wrapped Paleo Meatloaf With Kale Salad

Bacon-wrapped 100% grass-fed beef meatloaf served with sautéed mushrooms, paleo demi glace, and our organic greens salad. 

$ 14.00