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Today's Lunch
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Carrot-Ginger-Turmeric Soup

by Simmer Soup Co.

Carrot-Ginger-Turmeric Soup

  • Organic carrots simmered with ginger, turmeric and sea salt. Delivered cold, ready to reheat.
  • Carrot*, Onion*, Garlic*, Lemon*, Turmeric Root*, Ginger Root*, Sea Salt, Veggie Mineral Broth*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
  • No prep necessary, just open up and enjoy!

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GF nut free paleo pescatarian
Green Curry with Vegetables
Veggie-rich green coconut curry, with your choice of shrimp or savory eggplant (vegan).

$ 15.95
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Waldorf Salad Wraps
A lettuce wrap version of this classic salad.  Apples, walnuts, grapes, celery and oven roasted chicken with creamy dressing.

$ 12.95

GF low carb nut free paleo
Chicken Tikka Masala
An Indian classic; chicken simmered with tomatoes and coconut milk in an aromatic spice blend. Try it with naan bread, spiced cauliflower, and ginger cardamom pudding.

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GF low carb nut free paleo
Steak Bowl
Grilled sirloin steak with roasted acorn squash, pickled peppers, and pumpkin seed pipián.

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GF nut free paleo
General Tso's Chicken
Fresh broccoli and crispy free range chicken tossed in soy-free hoisin sauce.

$ 13.95

GF low carb nut free paleo
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Local free-range chicken with romaine, olives, cherry tomatoes, and a soft boiled egg. Served with caesar dressing made with olive oil.

$ 13.95

GF paleo
Chicken Enchiladas
(Mild spicy) Free range chicken in almond flour tortillas, with a rich Mexican smoked-chili sauce. Perfect with chips & guac!

$ 13.95